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im sorry i am uncapable of coming up with something funny ;-;   i have an impediment


I might tweak the colors later.

I’m snowed in and bored.

This was drawn as a request!!  I’m dumb and didn’t save the url but here ya go


 2olluxcapt0rmsparp answered: You should just make a damn coloring book. Go. Do it.

Challenge accepted. Because you all know that a coloring book with a vampire kicking clown in the crotch is unquestionably awesome.

That’s the most popular request, and, well, I don’t mind either! This blog needs a little more Kanaya, anyway.

I don’t usually just reblog things but since we’ve had like zero content.. :0

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I know I’ve been kind of inactive, but I promise it’s for a good reason!! I have three papers due next Wednesday and then some other end if term assignments due throughout April.. I’m just kinda drowning in college right now.. I hope you guys understand!

Here’s a lovely Kanaya!

Small grammatical change. Disregard last submission.

O, harlot of a thousand asses, stray not into my wanting gaze

Colored this myself a while ago sorry ;p

Colored this myself a while ago sorry ;p